Friday, June 25, 2010


Going to tackle my big To-Do List today. Hopefully I will get a whole bunch of things finished.

1. Go to Button Makers and see if I can rent a button maker for the weekend???
2. Make buttons with said button maker!
3. Go to Post Office and figure out shipping to Australia and send Hunt and Gather thwir INVOICE.
4. Email and send postcard to Jamie @ JapanLA.
6. Get boxes for both orders to ship out next week. (6 to ROBOTlove and 16 to H&G)
7. Work on Canvas tote bags for Gamma Ray.
8. Make a banner for Urban Craft Uprising booth.
9. Make more monsters!!!!!!
10. GO to Pacific Fabrics.
11. Make more monsters!

That should just about do it for today. Maybe I should get out of bed and start tackling this list.

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